Straight Shooting Show
Straight Shooting Show
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10 months ago

When you buy ammo at Drake Fine Sporting Arms, LLC​​ and your total comes out to....

10 months ago
Stop Oregon Gun Ban

Ice T for President! LOL

Ice T on gun control. 👍

11 months ago
My Gun Diary

Give Annie a "Like" at

SKS paratrooper. Female owned! Check out Annie's page at

11 months ago
Gun Owners of America

GOA hit the streets of the #MarchForOurLives to find what the protestors' true intentions were for gun control in America.

11 months ago

I got a good laugh out of this. But scary similar right?

11 months ago

Any idea when brass case 54r will be available again? Been shopping online and can't find shit! S&B, PPU, WOLF, even Winchester all sold out or backordered. I have bunch of steel case and steel core ... See more

11 months ago
The Gun Collective

This is not a joke. YouTube has completely changed their policy on guns. I don't know what is going to happen.

11 months ago

Uberti 1873 replica... Loading gate is loose and causes cycling issues. Thoughts? I got it for Christmas and only has 20rds through it.

11 months ago
YouTube Officially To Start Banning Firearms Related Content


In a sweeping decision, YouTube has released their latest dictatorial policy on Firearms content, and the outlook is not good for the firearms community.

11 months ago

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6 months ago
Dashcam video shows gun battle between 2 Pennsylvania State Police troopers and motorist on Route 33

It's a dangerous world. What started as a routine traffic stop...

Northampton County prosecutors have released police dashcam video of Daniel K. Clary opening fire on two Pennsylvania state troopers during a traffic stop on Route 33 in November 2017. Prosecutors ... See more

9 months ago
The Right To Bear Arms

"A Good Woman With A Gun....."

Action starts at 17 seconds....

Free accuracy guide ->

... See more

9 months ago

My Browning BDA 380. A work of art!

9 months ago
A Good Guy With A Gun

Oh Jesus California. This is ridiculous. So much dumb.

This is one more reason to shun Kaliforniastan into the dump heap of history. Done with my Semper Fi Fundraiser Ultramarathon, so I will be re-deploying to Free America soon!

9 months ago
2nd Battalion, 362nd Field Artillery

The army can be fun some times. 😉 Yes, my photo.

A HIMARS rocket launcher from 3rd Battalion 116th Field Artillery Battalion, Florida National Guard fires a rocket during a live fire exercise at an undisclosed location, today 7 May 2018. Photo by ... See more

9 months ago
Off-duty police officer pointed a gun at man buying Mentos candy

Should he be fired for something like this?

9 months ago
My Gun Diary

What's this? A new video? First peace in Korea, now this?!?!

Drake's Semi-Custom Bergara M14 Woddsman 30-06. Zeroing at the El Paso Gun Club. Special thanks to "Doc" for the invite to the club!

10 months ago
Photos from My Gun Diary's post

After several weeks away from home, I finally got some range time in thanks to an invite from Scott via "Doc" who invited us out to shoot at the El Paso Gun Club, a little known private club located ... See more

10 months ago

We could see the smoke from the fires 20 miles away in Whittier.

"Bullets were coming to my face... I thought I was going to get shot." #LABurning

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About the hosts

Hosted by Felix Mena and Scott Drake

Felix Mena and Scott Drake are both avid firearms enthusiasts. Scott is an Army veteran, meanwhile, Felix is a Staff Sergeant currently on active duty (as of October 2017). The pair met at Scott's gun store in West El Paso when Felix responded to a social media post from Scott which advertised a 1941 Lee Enfield .303 rifle. However, a mutual friend, Stephen van Epps had been wanting to introduce them to each other when Felix moved from East to West El Paso. They quickly became friends and given Felix' background in multimedia production, the idea for "Straight Shooting" was born.

Felix Mena - Felix, age 48, is a native of Southern California, however, his adventurous life and unconventional careers have taken him all around the world. He is a former tennis professional, radio talk show host, DJ and multimedia content producer. Seeking a radical change in the direction of his life, he enlisted in the US Army in 2008, at the ripe age of 40. 

His official MOS is Fire Direction Specialist, however, his expertise behind the camera is quickly recognized by his command teams and he often ends up performing public affairs duties. He is an accomplished photographer whose work can be seen at his various photography web sites including: and

He published a photography book which highlights the three years he spent in South Korea while serving near the demilitarized zone. "Three Years in the Land of the Morning Calm"

Scott Drake - Scott is an avid collector of AR15 rifles. In fact, he has over 48 AR15 variants in his collection, including an Armalite with a very low serial number! When Scott isn't at his gun shop, Drake Fine Sporting Arms, he can be found snuggle up in a onsie, usually with an AR15 wrapped up in his arms.

Spokesmodel - Francesca E. Ricciuti

Francesca (AKA The Bunny Blaster)) has won numerous awards for rabbit hunting. She takes great pride in displaying the heads of the bunnies she blasts over her fireplace mantle, like so many big game trophies. She's set to compete in the little known, and secretive, 2018 Bunny Shoot Off competition in which competitors have 60 seconds to shoot as many rabbits as possible within the confines of a rudimentary cock-fighting arena some where in Northern Mexico.

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